Were you fooled? The resolution of this chapter is still up in the air! ;D

As always, I'm glad that so many people are reading and enjoying the comic. Thanks for your support.

Oh, and I changed the background back to pink. I couldn't find any other colors that looked nice. Maybe sometime I'll redo the whole look of the site but for now I'll just leave it pink. :)
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daPhyre | Jul 14 2010 11:38 pm | Reply
Awww... I was right after all :S ...

Well... Suspense continues. Then, where is the answer??

Hazel (Guest) | Jul 14 2010 11:47 pm | Reply
Lol. The club is like "wait....wuh? o.o;;?" And Lilly COULD'VE read their minds then >.> x3

Kasbunny | Jul 14 2010 11:57 pm | Reply
;_____; What's going on, please dear authoress, the suspense is killing meeee.

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AUGHH I want to know soo baddddd haha

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Wahaha what will happen next?! >:D
Also, I love how quickly you update!

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*blinks* ... WHHHHAAAAAAT?!?!
Aaaahhh!! XDD You got me on this one. I was NOT expecting that.

HaKu10 | Jul 15 2010 02:29 am | Reply
Darn, and I was hoping it was him, too! DX

*Suki* (Guest) | Jul 15 2010 04:05 am | Reply
Ah, so I was right! ouo

ss (Guest) | Jul 15 2010 05:40 am | Reply
I am of the opinion that the two Alex's like each other. Because that seems a way to surprise most people here.
Also, they were so sitting next to each other earlier!

allora | Jul 15 2010 02:59 pm | Reply
Well now I really hope Claire likes girl Alex, and they didn't start laughing because it was horribly awkward and they like each other.

Bree333888 | Jul 15 2010 03:49 pm | Reply
I still think it's the older Alex, the one everyone didn't consider! XD

werekitty13 | Jul 15 2010 03:55 pm | Reply
I think that she really DID have to go do something and just didn't say outright what it was XD

sleepsforlootz | Jul 15 2010 06:04 pm | Reply
maybe the other female alex wrote the note as the alex we think wrote the note so nobody would know that she liked alex and she could get club love to get them together.

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it's probably that guy leaving the country, am i right?

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It's A completely different Alex! Isn't it?! ??????????

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oh lawrd.
I wanna know what happens neeeext!
Anyways, I lurb this. :D

MarbleBees | Jul 16 2010 07:15 am | Reply
Oh my gosh what if it's some sort of incest D:

They did cut Claude off in the middle of him telling the group about Claire's family life. And since Claire completely doesn't seem to care about either of her friends romantically, I bet it's someone outside of school.

I doubt incest, but maybe a brother-in-law or something.


Woahh Sheepii-bear | Jul 16 2010 10:24 am | Reply
I`m so confused now! XD Suspenseeeeee

haha ya (Guest) | Jul 16 2010 05:28 pm | Reply
@the author, lol you guesed we were in the same house but im oi's cousin. so technically we r not the same people. lol sorry if i offended u tho. i wuz in a bad mood and felt like raving about some random thing
we both read ur comic (obviously)

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PFttttl. ahhhahahahah

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 07:14 pm | Reply
Teacher: You get an F for laughing and breaking character!
Claire and Alex: D:

Guest | Nov 22 2011 03:16 pm | Reply
SHE LIKES THE ALEX IN GERMANY?!!! oh well. never underestimate the power of Skype.

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