Chapter 3 is already over... It was very short because I was too excited about the main plot to draw any little side stories. Well, I hope you enjoyed it! I have some big plans for the next chapter, so I just have to get my act together in the next couple of days. See you on Tuesday!
Rosie11 | Jul 23 2010 07:58 pm | Reply
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cliffi | Jul 23 2010 11:34 pm | Reply
awe what a cute ending

juri0juli | Jul 23 2010 11:39 pm | Reply
Such an awesomely unique comic! I absolutely love your work and watching it grow! Keep them coming!

Tornadotrailer | Jul 24 2010 12:07 am | Reply
WHAT A CUTE ENDING. <3 I'm really glad you do stories about homosexual couples as well as straight ones. :D

*Suki* | Jul 24 2010 12:41 am | Reply
Congrats on 400 fans! <3 And cute ending! ;u; <33

Zeggy (Guest) | Jul 24 2010 01:20 am | Reply
For a second, I freaked out because I thought it was the end of the entire comic rather than the chapter. X) I was just like, "Noooooo! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS?! T'IS ILLOGICAL!"

...And then I read the description.

Bartimaeus (Guest) | Jul 24 2010 03:35 am | Reply
Heh. I see that problem shouldn't happen again!

Apocalypse | Jul 24 2010 11:41 am | Reply
What the auther is planning next is easy to see. He/she did Guy+Girl and Girl+Girl so the auther might be doing Guy+Guy. If so I'm going to quit reading until it is over.

Retra (Guest) | Jul 24 2010 12:06 pm | Reply
"Apocalypse, Apocalypse Phobe? Your table is ready. Welcome to Club Love, the most fashionable floating restaurant on Manhattan's far east side. Also the only one. My name's Retra, and I'll be your server tonight. Can I get you a nice refreshing "Insulting Comment" to start? And I'd highly recommend the "Forgotten Compliments" salad. After all, the head chef's quite the artist, and it's be a shame if all you did was walk out on their food, without ever paying your compliments for what you've had. For dessert, perhaps the tart of Bitter Recrimination? Once you realize that all the other diners seem to be glaring in your direction, it'll live up to its name. Here's your check. We accept Heartfelt, Grudging, and plain old Apologies. Have a nice evening!"

Hazel (Guest) | Jul 24 2010 01:24 pm | Reply
Retra pwned =D It's so cute when Alex and Claire are holding hands >3<

Ms_Mayhem | Jul 24 2010 04:45 pm | Reply
Dawh, Thats cute. :3
I love how the guy Alex is just chillin. xD
And I think Eric and Cora would be cute.....
Maybe that just me... xD
Lol, Retra owned.

Baybee (Guest) | Jul 24 2010 07:09 pm | Reply
is there gonna be any looove within the club?? >;D

Laundry (Guest) | Jul 26 2010 03:59 pm | Reply
VERY cute ending! :3 And Apocalypse, it's hypocritical for you to be okay with a female homosexual pairing but not a male one. Also, there is not enough data to determine a pattern this early into the story.

Ponyta | Jul 26 2010 07:06 pm | Reply
Awesome chapter (it had so much suspense in it XDD), thank you ;)

Guest | Aug 02 2010 07:13 pm | Reply
Like one of the reviewers said before, I love how you use homosexual couples as well as heterosexual couples. I also have to thank you for showing that two girls can have a simple, cute relationship. There are too many people out there today who don't understand that same sex couples can have a relationship like that. :) (sorry if this is kinda long...)

RS (Guest) | Nov 01 2010 04:20 pm | Reply
That chapter was disturbing on so many levels.

Merione | Nov 26 2010 02:17 am | Reply
so claire is GAY???.....
and GREAT confusion-prevention solution you guys.....:)

Starliteglory (Guest) | Jan 30 2011 11:31 pm | Reply
@ RS
If you don't like the chapter, don't comment. Honestly, rude much? >.>

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 07:23 pm | Reply
Loved it! Can't wait to see what else you got planned for the Love Brigade! i wonder if it might involve feelings between E and C???

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