Sorry that I didn't finish the colored version on time, but now it's done. It takes me way longer to do the comic if I don't have a scanner, which was the case last week, but now I'm home again so everything is back to normal!
Rosie11 | Aug 06 2010 10:00 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Jun 19 2018 03:27 am | Reply

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coolpilot | Aug 06 2010 11:19 pm | Reply
Well, it looks nice, and is nice to see, regardless. :D

Matchmaker program? OoooOOOOoo!!

Also, playing cards/games always makes me feel better, too. :)

Ponyta | Aug 06 2010 11:23 pm | Reply
awww I thought it was a cool new style xD
it's VERY nice :)
Matchmaker program? no way! :D

*Suki* | Aug 07 2010 07:06 am | Reply
OAO It still looks cool!

DarSasu | Aug 09 2010 09:48 am | Reply
...*looks at the date*... OOO! It says my birfday!
I can't wait to see this matchmaker program in action!! *claps*

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