By the way, the two people on the title page are students, not teachers. I don't want to spoil anything but I figured I'd tell you that. Good guesses though. :)
Rosie11 | Aug 09 2010 10:48 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Jun 19 2018 03:21 am | Reply

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sonicolefan101 (Guest) | Aug 09 2010 11:23 pm | Reply
please let eric be one of cora's matches!!! *crosses fingers*

Jhale_9 | Aug 09 2010 11:31 pm | Reply
Let me guess: Eric or some new character. xD

*crosses fingers with sonicolefan101* please let it be Eric!

Lyddiecatt | Aug 10 2010 12:04 am | Reply
eric maybe...
but i'm thinking one of them is that guy she always talks to c:

daPhyre | Aug 10 2010 12:26 am | Reply
Oh goodness!!! I'm nervous!

What it is going to be?

Ms_Mayhem | Aug 10 2010 12:30 am | Reply
-sends telepathic messages-

Or Leeroy jenkins. :D

*Suki* | Aug 10 2010 01:52 am | Reply

Em (Guest) | Aug 10 2010 02:30 am | Reply
Haha, I have a feeling it's between Eric and the other guy who can help Cora with math. <3 What's his name? Phil?


Chocotorta | Aug 10 2010 06:12 am | Reply
EPPPP i wanna know *o*

DarSasu | Aug 10 2010 06:15 am | Reply
*crosses fingers with all the other EricxCora fans*
I'm not alone! Claude, this is the name that should show up on screen: ERIC. He's the guy sitting on the couch! ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!

Random (Guest) | Aug 10 2010 08:15 am | Reply
The plot thickens...

Clara Burgess (Guest) | Aug 10 2010 11:18 am | Reply
Rose! This comic of yours is going along so well! I read every single one! Sure makes me miss you though....

Hazel (Guest) | Aug 10 2010 11:27 am | Reply
I bet there will be a blackout before CLAUDE finishes =D

But if not....Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil!

Hmm... PV (Guest) | Aug 10 2010 02:11 pm | Reply
The two people on the cover are students? So they're either dressed up for a dance... or they're old-fashioned? Maybe they're Cora's parents and we get a flashback story! Well, I doubt that, Cora's hair is much too blond to be related to both of them...

I will guess, as for Claude's conclusion:

1. We'll see Cora's shocked expression and then it'll cut to a different scene. We don't find out until months later what it said.

2. Eric will not be on the compatibility list. He doesn't like "overly cheerful people." But then we find out that secretly he likes her. XD

3. Cora is highly compatible with lots of guys and will form her own harem!

Meg-comics | Aug 11 2010 12:02 am | Reply
No girls! Eric is for Vivian! XD I love them!

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