1. Yeah, Oliver's gay. He's out and everything (so Claude knew to search for other gay guys) - it just never came up before in the comic.

2. None of the people Claude mentioned are in the comic (yet.) But don't be too upset that he didn't say the name you wanted - there are lots of people in the school, and those 5 aren't the only ones Cora is "compatible" with.

3. The first anniversary of Club Love came and went without me realizing it. Maybe I should draw some celebratory picture for it? Anyway, yay! As always, thanks for reading!
Rosie11 | Aug 11 2010 11:23 pm | Reply
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xxamaterasu | Aug 11 2010 11:29 pm | Reply
ok.... now I REALLY want to know who Paul Ziegler is since Coras so skeptical XDD
im such a dork, i knowXD
By the way, I love your comic!

daPhyre | Aug 11 2010 11:44 pm | Reply
Knew it! Now fans will be happy =P

I'm interested in Mr. Ziegler too =P

sonicolefan101 (Guest) | Aug 12 2010 12:05 am | Reply
well oliver being gay was a suprise,and who is paul ziegler....

Hazel (Guest) | Aug 12 2010 01:13 am | Reply
Oliver just won some cool points =) Maybe he can drive away the homophobes from this insanely awesome comic so that the people who REALLY appreciate it can read in peace ^.^

Em (Guest) | Aug 12 2010 01:32 am | Reply
Yes! Oliver being gay made me happy. I was confused but then I read her comment. All I can say is "d'aaaawwwwwwwwwwww".

*Suki* | Aug 12 2010 02:11 am | Reply
Draw some EricxCora for the anniversary if you want 8D

Rai Tei | Aug 12 2010 05:09 am | Reply
I'm a late reader, just started some time before you moved.

Cool to see webcomics holding longer than one year, a lot don't make it that long.

DarSasu | Aug 12 2010 09:17 am | Reply
Wow! What a turn, I didn't know Ollie is gay. He's really brave to come out!
And I am very curious about this Paul person...
Mister E x Sweetheart shall prevail though! no doubt!

Ponyta | Aug 12 2010 09:34 am | Reply
Goodness! I'm surprised! (Aw man, that guy sitting on the couch looks rather disappointed) (kidding) Nice going for a first year :)
Keep it comin' ;)

Rinthia (Guest) | Aug 12 2010 03:33 pm | Reply
I can't tell, but I CAN see Eric back there... Is he blushing? *Squints*

Lilly Aodaliaren (Guest) | Aug 12 2010 06:38 pm | Reply
Oliver might be gay, but I suspect that Lilly has some unrequited love for him. I think it's been foreshadowed.

allora | Aug 13 2010 04:49 am | Reply
I thought Oliver might be gay! Haha, he's great, I love him.

And I'm curious about Cora's matches, too!

Guest | Aug 19 2010 01:54 am | Reply
noooooo!!!! Oliver is gay! i wanted to date him...:c

GAsps (Guest) | Feb 21 2011 03:12 pm | Reply
Oliver's gay?!?!?!?

roxjey | Jun 19 2011 11:45 am | Reply
itll be cute to put Phil with Oliver X3

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 07:34 pm | Reply
Oliver's Gay? That makes PERFECT SENSE!!! I had a sneaking suspicion, but didn't want to say it in case i was wrong and someone got upset. But YAYYYYY! He's GAAAAAY! :D

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