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If anyone sees any part of the website that seems like it doesn't look or work right, please let me know so I can fix it! I want my website to look nice for everyone. :)
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iAndrya | Aug 30 2010 11:15 pm | Reply
:3 Not a big fan of EricxVivian. ;w;...

Em (Guest) | Aug 30 2010 11:44 pm | Reply
Shouldn't they still hear the other options if the first one didn't work out? Meh, but I guess it saves space just to go with the first one? xD

Yeah, same here. EricxVivian rubs me the wrong way. Donno why. If they do end up together fine, but I still think that Cora and Eric would be a way cuter couple since Eric would probably have noooo idea what to do since he's so aloof with his feelings.

Rennakins | Aug 30 2010 11:47 pm | Reply
/agrees with iAndrya and Em
I am definitely hoping to see EricxCora at some point :>

*Suki* | Aug 30 2010 11:50 pm | Reply
;3;....-diehard EricxCora fan-

Miss L is pretty. ;D

sonicolefan101 (Guest) | Aug 30 2010 11:56 pm | Reply
i'm more of a coraXeric fan but that last panel was sooo cute!

Betsy | Aug 31 2010 06:44 am | Reply
I don't think Eric and Vivian like each other or will end up together. They're butting heads. But I think they can get along, and it's fun to see how they, and the rest of Club Love, handle their personality conflict...

GAH kitaxhaku | Aug 31 2010 06:54 am | Reply
Why does everyone think that Vivian and Eric are going to get together? They argued about the computer lol, nothing more. At least, that's what I'm seeing. Vivian is proud of her technology and was insulted. Eric didn't want everyone to know about the person he would fit with (probably Cora <3) and he got embarrassed (and when Eric gets embarrassed he becomes a jerk, yes?)

Guest | Aug 31 2010 08:33 am | Reply
I kinda like EricxVivian, but then again I'm also lukewarm on EricxCora.

Hehe x3 Star-Chan (Guest) | Aug 31 2010 05:23 pm | Reply
Man I love your comics! >w<
lol. They need to stop cutting claude off! Poor guy...:P

CoraXEric floats my boat so i hope they end up together! <3
Ah, true love always prevails in the end...right? :P

Astro Fez (Guest) | Aug 31 2010 05:39 pm | Reply
Doesn't anyone else think it's a little intrusive to send notes signed from other people when help wasn't even requested?

Zeggy (Guest) | Aug 31 2010 07:48 pm | Reply
Eric and Vivian remind me of small children that got in trouble in the last panel! :D

Koi19 | Sep 01 2010 08:15 am | Reply
Michael has a girlfriend!

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 07:46 pm | Reply
Claude: How 'bout you wait till I'm done talking beech?
Lilly: *gawks at Claude out of sheer disbelief*
Claude: That's right, the computer can get fresh when it needs to >:(

Hermione (Guest) | Sep 27 2012 04:21 pm | Reply
Dont interupt claude, what if 'sam..' was her perfect match?

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