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*Suki* | Sep 01 2010 11:26 pm | Reply
XDD My thoughts exactly Eric.

Ah well, this will be fun to watch! 8D <3

coolpilot | Sep 01 2010 11:32 pm | Reply
Always the emo, Eric. ^^

Potternerd1997 (Guest) | Sep 01 2010 11:42 pm | Reply's Wednesday. Did you get over-excited with updating? Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled! Thank you! I'm just confused... :D

*Suki* | Sep 01 2010 11:53 pm | Reply
@Potternerd1997 Where I am it's Thursday, and it's probably Thursday now where she is too. XD Time zones, y'know.

Potternerd1997 (Guest) | Sep 02 2010 07:33 am | Reply
0_0 Does that mean...have I been waiting one day extra than I really had to to see the best comic on the Internet...? I hate myself. -_-'

Rosie11 | Sep 02 2010 08:10 am | Reply
I update at midnight, US Eastern Time, on the morning of the day I say I'll update, unless I've fallen behind and am still finishing the comic, in which case I might update at 1 or 2am. *goes to put this in the about section*

The idea is that you can see it when you go online the next morning, but I guess it's different for people who live in a different time zone or just stay up late. :)

Oh, I just noticed that I put the wrong date on the comic itself, which may have confused you. But that date doesn't matter at all, it's mainly for my own records.

sonicolefan101 (Guest) | Sep 02 2010 10:17 am | Reply
wait, what if one of them dose not whant to go to the dance with the other? 0_o oh well lets see what happens XD

Random (Guest) | Sep 02 2010 11:43 am | Reply
I've got to side with Eric on this one...

durndle (Guest) | Sep 03 2010 01:14 am | Reply
I wonder how much research is going into this plan. I certainly hope they've checked into whether or not Michael and Ruth already know each other. What if they don't like each other, or are cousins, or something?

Betsy | Sep 03 2010 08:01 am | Reply
Well, it IS Club Love, so things will probably workout okay... ;)

Wackiness Token (Guest) | Sep 03 2010 07:52 pm | Reply
I see this either having highly amusing or tragic results. Also, Darth Cora has the right idea. Spread the love, WHATEVER IT TAKES!

APV (Guest) | Sep 03 2010 10:46 pm | Reply
I bet Ruth will go through lots of troubles due to CL, and discover some guy who isn't on Club Love's list at all to go with. The chapter will end with Vivian trying to update the matching program so it works better next time. ^^

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 07:48 pm | Reply
Eric: Pessimist. Cora: Optimist. Result: They're a match made in heaven.


CareBearCara101 | Nov 18 2011 03:47 pm | Reply
@coolpilot: True but he's the only emo in history to ware pink willingly :)

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