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Meg-comics | Sep 17 2010 11:42 pm | Reply
Yeah! I would! xDD

Pyua | Sep 18 2010 01:03 am | Reply
Agreed. x)

Random (Guest) | Sep 18 2010 06:07 am | Reply
Ok, wait...isn't the suggestion box on the other side of their tree base? How could it be possible that no one knew who they were - even if they just happened to see one of them in passing on the way to the tree...

DarSasu | Sep 18 2010 08:35 am | Reply
I would tottaly bug her ^^
and yay! I was right! She was gonna talk to her Mum about the club :D

Ponyta | Sep 18 2010 12:21 pm | Reply
I totally would too :P

*Suki* | Sep 18 2010 09:30 pm | Reply
So THAT's why! OAO


>u>;; I would too...

point! Token (Guest) | Sep 19 2010 09:06 am | Reply
Random guest makes a good point! Fortunately, Club Love has security measures installed. A raccoon with a tranquilizer gun in an ajoining tree takes care of the overly curious.

Lavirra (Guest) | Sep 19 2010 04:19 pm | Reply
Is it just me or is someone else getting the feeling that the whole "then they might start bothering you all the time" thing is foreshadowing?????

Another Point!! dhbPATHWAY1997 (Guest) | Sep 20 2010 12:40 am | Reply
Lavirra has made another exellent point--I feel some definite emphasis on that last panel...Oh, you are an evil one Miss Abernathy! Another thing, though. I agree with JanaEbb in thinking that maybe the curious would only think they were submitting notes. *Squeal* This chapter is going to be awesome...powers, Eric, Snow Balls (cute!), Eric...Eric... :D <3

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