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Maggerz | Sep 25 2010 12:12 am | Reply
So, Cora got a nice geometry teacher and I didn't?

iAndrya | Sep 25 2010 02:59 am | Reply
My teacher constantly makes mistakes in math. She's a math teacher. :( We're constantly correcting her on problems like 18+5.D: And she doesn't let kids answer questions, she likes to do it herself. =w= When a kid says "I don't understand." she ignores them. >:C


Kellysterhabit | Sep 25 2010 03:52 am | Reply
I want this teacher plz T_T

WalkedAway | Sep 25 2010 09:00 am | Reply
wow, why is it that everyone seems to have bad teachers or smth ouo;; mine are all like Cora's geometry teacher lmao *feels lucky*

and aksdhfkshad This comic is awesommme so far, keep it up~~

contego | Sep 25 2010 11:33 am | Reply
not that its relevant but i remember my geography teacher telling me i was the worst student shes had in 20 years

Joanamosi | Sep 25 2010 02:13 pm | Reply
I wish my geometry teacher was like that. Mine is always saying that she wishes that she never had us as her students.

Random (Guest) | Sep 25 2010 03:17 pm | Reply
...We really need to work on the American school system this much, eh?...

*Suki* | Sep 25 2010 03:51 pm | Reply
My math teacher would just say, ">_> Study up to Chap. 8. K bai,"


Ms_Mayhem | Sep 25 2010 11:24 pm | Reply
Everybody's doin it...
Well, I have Geo first, so everyone's, well, dead.
And our Geo teachers a football coach, so it like, sleeptime in that class.
But yeah, I like Coras face in the 2nd panel. xD

Hazel (Guest) | Sep 27 2010 12:31 am | Reply
I had geometry freshman year 8D It was fun. I was the only one awake for 1st period ^^ Did all the notes and got and A AND had an awesome teacher.'s awesome how this comic makes everyone get old memories <3

Frankie (Guest) | Sep 27 2010 04:28 am | Reply
All my teachers are like her, but luckily I don't even need em because I graduate October 22nd. ;D

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Jul 25 2011 07:22 pm | Reply

Hermione (Guest) | Sep 27 2012 04:24 pm | Reply
My teacher is really nice too, but (no offense) i dont care about Coras academics, unless it comes into play later significantly with ClubLove

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